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Pacific Ocean

Viking mark

Recently researched meaning of the word Viking has been suspected to be indicating in its semantic root a reference to rowing mode.  "Old Norse vika, f. ‘sea mile’, originally ‘the distance between two shifts of rowers’ ". For majority of the route we applied the Viking rowing mode on the Pacific Ocean, just the average distance was 4 vika (4 nautical miles). The advantage of the system was that rowers could complete their shift sooner if they were performing better and it's a win-win as the progress of the expedition increases when the shifts are completed at better pace.


Pacific Arrival Haiku

Pacific Arrival Haiku

Monterey Bay
Magnanimous Ocean
Stars of July
Aloha Hawaii


departure today


To track our boat click on this link:

It's updated every hour. We are the white boat.

Tracking by app: "YB Races" is an app allowing you to track our race on your smartphone. After installing the app choose Great Pacific Race.

More info soon, today is a rush.

Thank you to everyone for all the support!


"Long time no sea"

-"Long time no sea"

Said one dried fish to another dried fish

Q: How many kgs of these are having that kind of chat before the coming Pacific Crossing?

A: Answer: 3,5

Q: When are they going to see the sea again?

A: Scheduled 4th of June.

Q: How long are they going to see one another on the sea?

A: Hopefully 40 days.